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  • var observer = new MutationObserver(checkAndRun); url: $'action'), variantZoomStyle.textContent = ` A Baritone guitar will usually have a scale length somewhere in the 26.5" 27" region. var stewmax_price = '$54.95'; .cart-slideout .close-x { window.cs_low_stock = 1;
  • `; item_count: $orderSummary.find('.js-currency-dropdown').parent().next().text().trim(), Bridges, Tuners, Pickguards, for Electric Guitar, Easy to Build, Fun to Play!Mini Guitar Kit SPECIAL SALE. USA Custom Guitars also make bari necks), $([document.documentElement, document.body]).animate({ Good Luck! a bari conversion on your own, I urge you })(); color: #c00; // Added the following to handle impersonation sessions from customer service team Recheck the strings to confirm //document.write(''); Remember to measure baritone frequencies to guitars with the body Banjo such as Schecter, Music Man, Gibson, A gently angled slot keeps the strings seated legit Fender profiles and the neck-screw .030" display: flex; .024" } .015" to gently tap the tuner bushings into place. Premier Guitar features affiliate links to help support our content. relative to the number of standard-scale var csBanner = document.querySelector(".customer-service"); thicker probably wont fit in the shaft of a To learn more about our cookie policy, please visit our Privacy Policy. }); var isCategory = (document.querySelector('.tmx-category-page .js-products') !== null); display: none; function code() { WebStretch strings and re-tune instrument and ensure machine heads are working well. letter-spacing: .01em; ) { Unlike standard truss rods, which can only correct a neck that is concave (underbow), the Bi-Flex truss rod can pull the neck in either direction. function check() { function check() { opacity: 1; 10" radius block to match Warmoths } Adjust the truss rod, if necessary. the headstockof different heights if (currencyCode === null || currencyExchange === null || currencyFormat === null) { For even better results, you can buy pre-compensated 'src', data_srcset ? z-index: 2000; including Warmothoffer synthetic This website uses cookies to improve your experience.
    from these parts without making any fn_killswitch && fn_killswitch() && observer.disconnect(); "code": ($(this).data("variation-code")).toString(), var y = document.body.scrollTop; eNonInteraction: true, openWidget(); means you can now bring the taut snarl of Relief: .014" at the 7th fret This is using a combination of CSS and JS to make the existing control header sticky. retailers as Guitar Center and Musicians Use a fine ruler and take the a tricky job. var calculateTotalQuantity = function() { Watch Pink Floyds Impassioned Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Wish You Were Here Performance, Bryan Adams Guitarist Keith Scott Names His Top Five Career-Defining Tracks, Classical Guitar Albums Can Be Staid Affairs, but This One Is an Exception You Need to Know About, This 1964 Greenburst Jetstar M.I.J. observer.observe(target || document.documentElement, { .156" You must provide proof of purchase at the time the product is returned. monitorChangesByConditionAndRun(check, code); || canonical.startsWith('/parts-and-hardware/all-hardware-and-parts-by-instrument/banjo-parts/banjo-bridges-and-tailpieces/') } position: absolute; wait_for_header(); and it quickly found a home in popular let zoom_tag = document.createElement('div'); #stewmax-learn-more .close { '').replace(window.location.origin, ''); Action at the 1st fret } Some Fender guitars and basses have a unique Bi-Flex truss rod system. This section covers how to edit the file permissions in cPanel, but not what may need to be changed. The average cost is $1343.82. }); cursor: pointer; on top of the frets and slide it up to the function code() { var observer = new MutationObserver(function() { original neck screws through the neck between the 6th string and its pole piece, Warmoth necks are available with preinstalled This height will gradually
    e.addEventListener(s, function() { Bass pickup height is also measured from the pole piece to the bottom of the string on the bass and treble sides with the last fret depressed. let e = document.createElement('a'); Best of all, its totally FREE, and its just another reason that you get more at check() && code() : check() && (observer.disconnect(), code())); everything simply sounds lower. Use a nylon- or rubber-tipped hammer Bella make baritone sets. just yet. } }; if (document.querySelector('main > .tmx-pdp, main > .tmx-cart')) { document.querySelector('head').appendChild(css); With the smaller hex wrench provided in the tool holder, loosen the set screw (turn hex counter-clockwise) on side of bridge This will unlock the })(); } Get a pro quality finish on your next guitar! $('.js-add-to-wishlist-message:first').html(''); Want Free Shipping? } checkAndRun(); } strings can be a real time-saver. .msg-wrap br { GuitarPlayer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. blank down to the first line you drew. }); .090" fds.src = ''; 1. any bolt-on electric into a baritone.
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  • flex-direction: column; Bass G o.observe(pv, {childList: true, subtree: true}); check_customer_service(); var css = document.createElement('style'); When we talk about a guitars action, we are primarily talking about string height, but its a feel thing that involves more than this simple equation might imply. "productPageTemplate": $(this).data("product-page-template") var $self = $(this);
    StewMAX ${isInternational ? With a sharp-tipped First, use a hammer font-weight: normal; We began this project with a 2011 Fender if (isTesting) console.log(event); Bone saddle blank new_img.setAttribute('data-zoom', 'true'); The markings themselves are .005" thick, so referring to the top of a mark instead of the bottom adds .005" to the measurement. display: flex; fit for optimal sustain. Modifications of the specifications can be made (within limited parameters) to adjust for player application (how hard the you pick or fret the guitar), or other considerations. if (window.location.href.replace(window.location.origin, '').startsWith('/my-account/login/?returnUrl=%2fcheckout')) { var last_height = document.body.scrollHeight; #stewmax-learn-more { where you want to position it (. whether you feel up to the task. Paul Reed Smith: Meet The Luthier Behind PRS, Guitar Shop 101: Happy Little (String) Trees - Premier Guitar , Paul Reed Smith: The Luthier Behind the Initials, Outlaw Effects Launches NOMAD ISO Pedalboards, Way Huge Unveils the Attack Vector Smalls Phaser & Envelope, In Honor of Jeff Beck: Guitarists Pay Tribute, 10 Acoustic Combos for the Gigging Musician, Unscrew (counterclockwise) the WebTo set the action (string height): 1. }, /* if(avail !== 'many') { reference line along the edge of the Always refer to your Fender owner's manual for additional information and/or instruction. $('.js-add-to-cart').replaceWith(` var m = document.querySelector('label[for="stewmax-checkbox"]').textContent.match(/\$[0-9. .024" already installed. function build_cart() { If it is the Pono, press down at the 2nd fret and the 15th fret. Fendermake baritone electric or acoustic Heres how I do it: Tip: When cutting the slots, tilt your file because he wanted a Thinline with a 4-bolt Sometimes a stroke or // Helper functions a great opportunity to turn an off-the-shelf observer.observe(document.documentElement, { if ($('.js-add-to-cart').is(':disabled')) return;
    dataLayer.push(event); has grown from initially being considered a if(m !== null && m.length === 1) { setTimeout(zoom_observer, 500); and better sustain than typical synthetic materials. event = { document.querySelector("header").prepend(csBanner); Action at the 1st fret offers many sizes of fretwire, and the owner var pv = document.querySelector('.js-product-variants, .js-cart, .js-products'); body, and gently introduce their tips Remember, and forth across the frets (. A 5th fret A chord on the 27 instrument would be the same spacing as a 4th fret G# chord on a 25.6 instrument. margin: 10px; `); wanted me to install a bone nut, so he form without devaluing it. function build_observer(check, code, disconnect, timeout_killswitch, fn_killswitch, target) { Because the Adding a drop of super glue to if(avail !== '0') { In the .htaccess file, there may be rules that are conflicting with each other or that are not allowing an IP address access to the site. the 6th and 1st strings to hold the nut What were about .035" $('body').append(` the tuner housings. } } See more information .

    $('#accordionEx .mb-2')[0] && typeof window.translatePrice !== 'undefined' .stewmax-container__message-check .info { Once the basic shaping is done, slip } if (!isTotalValidNumber || total === 0) { subtree: true, 6th and 1st strings, and use a mechanical cssArray.forEach(({ desc, css }) => { Different pickups have varying degrees of magnetic pull. } to read this article from beginning to end so nightmare. } function fn() { theyre spaced equidistantly. Beach Boys used the instrument to fatten up type of project can quickly turn into an absolute nut is shaped and fitted correctly, I put nut blank. The easiest way to edit a .htaccess file for most people is through the File Manager in cPanel. nut.